Unrivalled for it aesthetic potential, and it’s wear functionality. Wet pour flooring must be applied by professionals.

Wet pour EPDM Rubber is a safety flooring system that is mixed on site with specially developed resins and troweled by hand to a specified thickness, depending on the requirements of the project, creating a seamless surface. EPDM rubber feels smooth and soft underfoot, cushioning the body joints, while also being incredibly durable. See SBR vs EPDM

Wet Pour can incorporate patterns, (See Design Freedom) corporate logos and colour changes across the floor. It can be used both internally and externally and it is especially suitable due to its stain resistant properties making it very easy to clean.

Wet pour can be laid over existing floors, provided that the current floor has no movement or structural faults. 100m2 can be laid in two days, and is generally ready for foot traffic within 48 hours.

Other rubber granule or crumb sizes are also available on request.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM) is a high density synthetic rubber that is extremely versatile with an ability to withstand heat, ageing and is resistant to water swell, UV and ozone weathering than natural rubber.

Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) comes from used car tyres that are stripped of all their metal reinforcing and then mechanically shredded into tiny granules. These rubber granules are available as different sized rubber.

It is a physically strong elastomer, has a low compression set, a high tensile strength, incredible elongation and a high resistance to abrasive substances and conditions.

EPDM offers more design freedom, than SBR because there are more EPDM colours
EPDM is more weather resistant and absorbs less solar heat.
EPDM is more expensive than SBR

But you can have the best of both products by having SBR as the cushion layer ad EPDM as the wear layer.

The Playsafe impact protections slabs offer a combination of SBR and EPDM options. and wet pour application can also be tailored to individual rubber requests.


We designed the playground, and wanted protective rubber to match the sandpit sand.
Playsafe was apply to assist us by mixing three EPDM colours together for the wear layer, and we used recycled rubber mulch for a thicker cushioning underneath. They delivered a great service and product, so our client was as happy with the result as we were.
Leanie Christie ( Product Designer) & Louis Christie ( Design Engineer), ONDER DIE INVLOED
The purpose of therapeutic garden spaces at the Nelson Mandela Hospital was to provide relief from the stress and emotional trauma of a hospital environment. The landscape design intent was to create welcoming garden spaces for children that will bring joy into their lives and assist in bringing them back to good health.
We specifically chose this product as it offered a palette of bright colours that are UV stable. The longevity of the colours is what sets it apart from all other available rubberised floor surfaces.
Annamarie Comrie, GREENinc Landscape Architecture, NELSON MANDELA CHILDRENS HOSPITAL


The success of a floor depends on whether it is fit for purpose and on its appearance. This is the reason why the design (i.e. its lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or material) may become an important factor.

Playsafe playground wet pour EPDM offers the most design freedom, as any design can seamlessly be incorporated into the floor. This flooring ensures that the colours stay vibrant, while the wet pour application is a designers dream and any design and colour combination is possible.


Protecting the environment is a strategic priority.

There are many uses for rubber in sustainable construction. Recycled rubber is useful because it does not require the harvesting of rubber, but instead just builds upon already used materials.

Rubber is easy to install as flooring for buildings. The rubber is resistant to fire, wear and fading.

Playsafe Rubber comes from a global re-cycling specialist company that focusses on the production of rubber materials from old tyres. Every year they process and recycle thousands of tons of used tyres. From the raw materials, they produce high-quality granules based on internally developed formulations.

The products are subject to continuous quality testing and further development, where environmental friendly alternatives and ways to further reduce emissions and to protect resources is always at given priority.


Rubber is known to endure for decades. EPDM is the most weather-proof rubber, and it is thus the obvious choice as the wear layer for an outdoor installation. Relatively little care is required for our rubber products as they do not become brittle in the sun, are flexible and able to adapt to temperature changes, and can withstand sun, rain, wind and snow.


Cleaning is generally unnecessary, and a mop with soapy water is sufficient. Cleaning instructions available on request.


From time to time, there may be an occasion where a playground floor becomes damaged. The impact protections slabs are very cost effective to replace, as they would only need to replace the slabs that are affected.

Wet Pour coloured rubber is not as easy to patch, as this involves getting an identical colour and the colour may have faded over the years.

In the event of damage, please contact us to put you in contact with your nearest installer.

The best solution for a wet pour repair is a new wear layer, as the seamless aesthetic of the flooring could be compromised by a repair.