Wet pour flooring must be installed by a professional installer. It is unrivalled for it aesthetic potential, and wear functionality.
Wet pour safety rubber comes in either SBR or EPDM colours. see Colour chart

Other rubber granule or crumb sizes are available on request.

Wet pour can be applied using either SBR or EPDM rubber. Rubber feels smooth and soft underfoot, cushioning the body joints, while also being incredibly durable. see SBR & EPDM

Wet pour is a flooring system that is mixed on site, combining specially developed resins with rubber crumb. The rubber is hand-troweled onto the surface, to a specified thickness, depending on the requirements of the project. The end result is a creating a seamless surface. Wet pour can incorporate patterns. see Design

This product is a designers dream, as it seamlessly accommodates corporate logos and colour changes across the floor. It can be used both internally and externally and it is especially suitable due to its stain resistant properties, making it very easy to clean. see Care

Wet pour can be laid over existing floors, provided that the current floor has no movement nor structural faults. see Reviews

It is quick to install and 100 m2 can be laid in two days, and be ready for foot traffic within 24 – 48 hours.








Code: 46 0000

RAL: 3016


Code: 46 2000

RAL: 1012


Code: 46 2900

RAL: 1013


Code: 46 3900

RAL: 9004

Reseda Green

Code: 46 4700

RAL: 6011

Earth Yellow

Code: 46 5700

RAL: 1006

Blue Grey

Code: 46 1000

RAL: 5014


Code: 46 2100

RAL: 1001

Slate Grey

Code: 46 3100

RAL: 7015

Patina Green

Code: 46 4000

RAL: 6000

Turquoise Blue

Code: 46 5400

RAL: 5018


Code: 46 5800

RAL: 5024

Capri Blue

Code: 46 1500

RAL: 5019


Code: 46 2400

RAL: 1015


Code: 46 3400

RAL: 4005

May Green

Code: 46 4100

RAL: 6017


Code: 46 5500

RAL: 2004

Rainbow Blue

Code: 46 5900

RAL: 5017

Sky Blue

Code: 46 1800

RAL: 5015


Code: 46 2800

RAL: 8024

Light Grey

Code: 46 3800

RAL: 7035

Signal Green

Code: 46 4600

RAL: 6032

Rainbow Green

Code: 46 5600

RAL: 6025


Code: 46 7500

RAL: 3017

Minimum order per EPDM colour is 10m2.
Colour variations are possible. It is better to view real samples.



Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM) is a high density synthetic rubber which is weather resistant and absorbs less solar heat. It is extremely versatile with the ability to better withstand temperatures associated with environmental factors such as UV weathering and water swell.

Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR) is produced from black rubber tyres that are stripped of their metal reinforcing and then mechanically shredded into granules. These rubber granules are graded and available in different sizes, that can be coloured and used as an economical and surfacing.

While EPDM offers a wider range of colours and is more weather resistant, SBR is a more economical surfacing option.

WET POUR and IMPACT PROTECTION SLABS offers a combination of SBR and EPDM options to give you the best of both rubber products.

WET POUR and IMPACT PROTECTION SLABS applications can accommodate an installation of SBR as the cushion/base layer and EPDM as the wear/top layer.



The success of a floor depends on whether it is fit for purpose and on its appearance. This is the reason why the design (i.e. its lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or material) may become an important factor.

Playsafe playground wet pour EPDM offers the most design freedom, as any design can seamlessly be incorporated into the floor. This flooring ensures that the colours stay vibrant, while the wet pour application is a designers dream and any design and colour combination is possible.



Rubber is known for its durability and its ability to last for decades, even under extreme weather conditions.

Maintenance is low due to high-quality materials being used in our surfacing.

Click below to download the relevant cleaning instructions.

Wet pour
Impact Protection

In the unlikely event that your rubber flooring is permanently damaged, please contact us to assist and advise.


We designed the playground, and wanted protective rubber to match the sandpit sand. Playsafe was apply to assist us by mixing three EPDM colours together for the wear layer, and we used recycled rubber mulch for a thicker cushioning underneath. They delivered a great service and product, so our client was as happy with the result as we were.
Leanie Christie ( Product Designer) & Louis Christie ( Design Engineer), ONDER DIE INVLOED
The purpose of therapeutic garden spaces at the Nelson Mandela Hospital was to provide relief from the stress and emotional trauma of a hospital environment. The landscape design intent was to create welcoming garden spaces for children that will bring joy into their lives and assist in bringing them back to good health. We specifically chose this product as it offered a palette of bright colours that are UV stable. The longevity of the colours is what sets it apart from all other available rubberised floor surfaces.
Annamarie Comrie, GREENinc Landscape Architecture, NELSON MANDELA CHILDRENS HOSPITAL

Gallery – Wet Pour

Nelson Mandela Hospital

Bank City Precinct

Bosjies farm

Cape Town